Duncan Rudd has been bribing, coercing and extorting animation from computers since screens were this shape.


He has spent the last decade freelancing for studios up and down the UK including Aardman, Nexus, Studio Liddell and dozens more. You can see the results of some of his tinkering on our projects page.

Recently he decided to put together everything he has learned along with some of the best talent he has worked with to create 3DR, a full service animation production studio based in South Manchester.

Vanessa Rudd, is a trained interior architect. She runs a tight ship, ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard. She's the Nobby Stiles of project management. No deadlines get past her!

That's our (mostly true) story. Now let us help you tell yours. Whether it's a scribble on the back of a beer mat or a fully formed media campaign, we'd love to help you bring your idea into the world.

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This is Murdoch Rudd. He doesn't do animation. He thinks it's silly.